What A Bail Bonding Agent Can Do For You

If you need to get a family member out of jail, consider using a bail bonding agent. Your family member needs to obtain a release from jail and the way to do that is to post bail. However, some family members become confused when faced with this task. Read on to find out what a bail bonding agent can do for you and your family member. 

After an Arrest

It's important not to assume that an arrest means your family member is guilty of a crime. Arrests can happen to perfectly innocent people all the time. It's also not a good idea to pay the bail that the court charges. That bail can often be many thousands of dollars and may not be affordable. The better choice is to use a bail bonding agent to get your family member out of jail and it's very easy to do. Bail bonding agencies work with family members every day to help them get their loved ones out of jail.

Bail Bonds Are More Affordable

The big difference between bail as charged by the court and a bail bond is the cost. Bail bonds are a fraction of the total bail cost. For instance, if your family member is being charged $5,000 for bail, you might only need to pay a small portion of that to get them out of jail using a bail bond. Bail bond premiums vary by location. However, if they charge a 10% premium, then you only must pay them $500 instead of the $5,000 charged by the court.

Use a Local Agent

It's advisable to locate a bail bonding agent in the same town where your family member is being held. That is because they are more likely to be familiar with how to arrange for bail and get your family member released quickly. In fact, many bail bonding agencies are located very near the courthouse or jail. Local bail agents understand what needs to be done and they have years of experience working with jail officials to arrange for your family member's release.

Dignity Maintained

It can feel shocking and embarrassing to have someone call you from jail. Bail bonding agents, though, are not judgmental. They are small businesspeople who care about their clients and will treat all customers with respect. They understand that having to bail someone out of jail is confusing and upsetting for many family members and they know that does not make anyone worthy of anything but the most compassionate treatment.

Contact a local bail bonds service to learn more. 

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