4 Frequently Asked Questions About Bail Bonds

If you are in jail while awaiting your court hearing,  can quickly cause you to want to find a way out. Thankfully, the bail process is designed to allow you early release in exchange for giving the court some cash to hold onto as collateral. What do you do if you don't have the necessary cash available? You turn to a local bondsman to provide it for you. Here are some questions you may have about bail bonds if you are unfamiliar with them.

How Can You Find A Local Bondsman?

Your city likely has a few different bondsmen that operate near the jail where you are being held. The best way to contact them is to use your phone call to contact a friend that can initiate the bail bond process for you. They'll reach out with your information so that you don't have to do it. If you are contacting a lawyer, they will also have bondsmen that they work with and can make a personal recommendation. The jail should also have a list of bondsmen that you can contact.

These professionals work around the clock, so you can call them in the early hours of the morning if you need assistance with getting out of jail.

Are Bail Bonds Expensive?

Part of using a bail bond is paying the set premium, which is a small percentage of the bail money you are borrowing. That bail bond amount can be offset by providing some of it in cash, which will reduce how much you owe. However, be aware that your state sets limits on the percentage that can be charged for a bail bond so that it is not unreasonable. You'll likely discover that bondsmen set their limits around these percentages.

How Can You Pay For A Bail Bond?

Your bondsman should be flexible with how you can pay for your bail bond. Many times the premium can be charged to a credit card, but they may also accept cash, wire transfer, or another payment method that gets them the money right away. A payment plan can also be set up as well.

How Fast Will You Be Released From Jail?

It's possible to be released from jail with a bail bond in only a few hours. The bondsman will work with you to speed up the process and avoid any unnecessary time spent in jail. The process may be complicated if you have a difficult background check or need to hand over collateral to secure the bail bond.

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